Share in the Circle of Giving

Our Food Banks are in need of fresh produce, eggs and meat. The Pounds of Plenty Program supports our Local Food Banks and fulfills the Center for Rural Culture's mission of "preserving the rural fabric of our communities." If you order an item, you support the producers, people in need in our local communities, and you can receive a tax deduction. We are pleased to offer this program again on our new site. Order here from the Producers listed and your product will be delivered to a local Food Bank. If you are an Ashland or Mechanicsville Customer, your product will be delivered to Ashland Christian Emergency Services; if you are a Brookview or Goochland customer, your product will be delivered to the Goochland Food Bank; if you are a Midlothian or Powhatan Customer, your product will go to Powhatan Food Bank, Cumberland and Farmville Customers orders will go to Cumberland Feedmore and Farmville FACES Food Bank. Please save your customer list as the receipt for your tax-deductible purchase.
Thank you for your kind contribution!