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Our Food Banks are in need of fresh produce, eggs and meat. The Pounds of Plenty Program supports our Local Food Banks and fulfills the Center for Rural Culture's mission of "preserving the rural fabric of our communities." If you order an item, you support the producers, people in need in our local communities, and you can receive a tax deduction. We are pleased to offer this program again on our new site. Order here from the Producers listed and your product will be delivered to a local Food Bank. If you are an Ashland or Mechanicsville Customer, your product will be delivered to Ashland Christian Emergency Services; if you are a Brookview or Goochland customer, your product will be delivered to a Goochland Food Bank; if you are a Midlothian or Powhatan Customer, your product will go to Powhatan Food Bank, and Cumberland and Farmville Customers orders will go to the Cumberland Food Bank. KEEP YOUR CUSTOMER ITEM LIST as a receipt for your tax-deductible purchase.
Thank you for your kind contribution!

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Stocking up for winter!

The Center for Rural Culture's Local Roots Food Co-op is designed to connect family owned and operated farms and businesses with customers in search of local food year round. It's your online Farmers' Market!

The program works on a weekly buying cycle with orders opening Friday at NOON and closing Monday MIDNIGHT. Pick up is on Thursday afternoon, at one of our locations in Ashland, Brookview Farm, Goochland Courthouse, Farmville, Mechanicsville, Midlothian and Powhatan -all near where you work or live.
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When Carole Stevens was diagnosed with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) in 2000, she decided to use her education, which had led to her B.S. in Environmental Conservation, to help heal and sooth her cracked skin. Course work in Industrial Hygiene had taught her the hazards of toxic chemicals in the workplace so it wasn’t a broad stretch to transfer that knowledge to make a lotion that was free of parabens, fragrances and other potentially carcinogenic ingredients. Carole, known as “Honey” to her grandchildren, expanded her line of products in response to requests from friends or family.
Even with all of the help from her products, the perfumes in the closed “sick office” environment were too much for Carole and she quit her job on December 31, 2002. She has continued to make her old and new products which she sells through a local health food store, long time clients, and of course Fall Line Farms and Local Roots. Her research led her to becoming a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner and a Nutritional Consultant. Carole is available for speaking engagements, home parties or demonstrations and other educational venues to empower people to take charge of their own health.
You can contact Carole by email at or phone at 804-227-2226. She loves to talk about this “stuff” and she’s just waiting for a request to make a new product.

SERENE SUDS is ART! Soap making was a natural endeavor when our family began seeking ways to rid our home of toxins, intent on finding a cure for my friends' & children's allergies and eczema. Also, I grew a ton of loofahs in the garden for Winter Solstice and was thinking I needed to learn to make soap to complete the gift! (We aim to grow our soap-making & oil-infusing herbs in our back yard, too!)
All natural and homemade, vegetarian soaps are our passion - and we have added in a Vegan line this past year. We also throw in a few things to support the chore of cleaning with some frugal fun: cotton soap saver bags, bath bombs to detoxify, soften, & relax, and no-sugar, extremely moisturizing lip balms. We have shampoo soaps and guest soaps (great for travel – especially when the airline wants you to limit your liquid personal care products!).
This is a small, kitchen business - a hat smooshed somewhere in between the wildly balanced Mom/wife/nurse hats. (I have to juggle, as I would just look silly wearing them all at once!) I am a frugal artist at heart, mixing in the business part reluctantly - like oil and water. The soap making is my lye ... making an emulsion of artist and entrepreneur. The beauty of nursing is that it encompasses a spectrum (not unlike the humans we love and care for). So soap is just another stop on that stretch of specialties: utilizing chemistry and alchemy to reach and heal skin and souls! The aromatherapy is a bonus!
Staunchly sticking to the natural theme, my soaps highlight the wholesome, subtle, & amazing scents of nature: beeswax, honey, creamy & rich oils, herbs, fruits, clays, flowers, & ... chocolate! All of our packaging is recyclable, reusable, compostable, or a combination thereof!
Life is messy! We aim to clean it up in a natural way! Skin is our largest organ. Make sure the products that touch yours are wholesome goodness.
All our our soaps are small-batched to ensure quality, hand cut, and cured for a minimum of six weeks. Some soaps, like our True Castile, are cured for six months! True Castile is 100% olive oil and oh, so creamy! The longer natural soap cures, the more use you will get out of each bar. Each of my packages comes with an insert on how to extend the life of your natural soap. We are all about being frugal around here!
A peaceful and healthy day to you … Isa @Serene Suds!

Make your order this weekend for delivery on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 23

Your delivery will be on WEDNESDAY next week. Your Thanksgiving turkey from MICKEY&ANN'S FARMETTE will be delivered on Wednesday, fresh, ready for the oven.
If you need a helping hand in the kitchen, there's appetizers, side dishes and soups from TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS. Mela has prepared dips and torta, apple cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, sour cream mashed potatoes ready to heat in the oven the next day. How about whiskey chocolate cranberries from ZEN BEEKEEPING? PIES from 4&20 BAKE SHOP top off our buying pages with that bourbon chocolate pecan pie! Then there's bread from ZEN, GREAT HARVEST, BROADFORK, MISTY MORNING, MICKY&ANN'S, and HOBBY HILL, all ready for your family's feast. WILD EARTH FARMS is back this week with their kraut condiment, just what you need alongside your turkey. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
AGRIBERRY shares an easy applesauce recipe:
Crockpot Applesauce
8-10 large apples, peeled, cored, & sliced (Can peel the apples and make it chunky, or don't peel and put the cooked mixture in the food processor, so it is smoother)
1/2 cup water
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 - 1/2 cup sugar
Combine all ingredients in a slow cooker. Cover. Cook on low 8 hours or on high 3-4 hours.
Serve warm or chilled. Can also serve with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Welcome to our new Producer, ELK ISLAND PRODUCE!

Located in Goochland County in Central Virginia, Elk Island Produce is the dream project of owners Tim and Janice Patrick, which they began several years ago on a farm that has been in their family for generations.
In an effort to not only preserve the family farm, but make it useful in supplying the community with healthy locally-sourced, farm-fresh, in-season produce, they began a community garden and urban farm – Elk Island Produce.
Tim has been fascinated by the concept of aeroponics for over 10 years. He was fascinated with it, not just for its effectiveness, but because it yields larger, healthier, tastier produce.
He decided to try the concept at Elk Island and has discovered it is even more productive than the more traditional farming methods.
He has most recently connected with a company from Phoenix, Arizona – True Garden- and will be test-marketing their patented aeroponic Tower Garden within a few weeks.

Welcome to our new Producer, GRASSBELLY FARM!

Grassbelly Farm is a family owned farm nestled on twenty acres of pasture and woodland in Powhatan, Virginia. We have a passion for quality and nutrient dense foods as well as responsible animal husbandry. We strive to provide as natural a lifestyle for our animals as is feasible. They are raised on pastures free from chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. We currently offer free range chicken eggs, pastured broilers, and woodland/pastured pork. Our broilers are moved to fresh grass daily and our pigs rotate between pasture and woodland paddocks depending on the season. All poultry and pork is supplemented with Non-GMO feeds from Sunrise Farms. We have started a small beef herd and will be offering 100% grass fed, grass finished beef in the near future. All pork and beef will be processed at a local USDA facility. We believe in transparency and in knowing where and how your food is raised. Grassbelly Farm extends an open invitation to all customers and potential customers, please feel free to come see for yourself how we raise your food.

Autumn Bliss is here with THREE HENS CANDLES

Submitted by Sian Eure of Three Hens
When my husband and I moved into our first home in the country, we fell in love with the natural setting and the peaceful lifestyle. Being in a rural area with frequent power outages, we soon realized our supply of candles was woefully inadequate and name brand candles were overpriced. My husband remembered making candles from his arts & crafts childhood with his mother and decided to make a go at them again. After our quest for the right fragrances, the right wick, and the right wax and rigorous testing we were proud of our candles and began giving them as gifts to our friends and family. I was excited when asked to make candles as favors for a friend’s wedding and my sister’s baby shower. From a practical perspective at the beginning to a product that could be enjoyed by many, it was clear that we could turn this hobby into a business. Not only were we excited about our product but we were proud to know that using soy wax in our candles supports the US farmers and the soy bean industry. Though soy wax has only been around less than 20 years, it renders wonderful properties such as a cleaner burn as well as hypoallergenic properties. THREE HENS soy candles will give you the essence of the Holidays. These handcrafted candles will put you in the mood, even if you're not baking the bird yourself. They also make wonderful hostess gifts as well.

Broadfork Farm bakes fresh bread for you!

BROADFORK FARM is baking bread in their wood fired oven all warm and soft on the inside and crusty on the outside just right for dunking in your soup! This week there's Organic Seed Loaf, Organic Sunny Greens, my personal fav, and cinnamon raisin. All loves are 1.5 pounds, made with organic flour and wild yeasts. Their bread is baked on Thursday morning and it's still warm when we deliver!

Our Producers pick a peck of peppers for you!

There's hot pepper sauce from Wild Earth Farms and Manakintowne and pickled peppers perserved in jars from Waverly. There are "hot as blue blazes" and "sweet, mild" peppers from Broadfork, Deer Run and Dragonfly, including the seasonal boxes from Manakintowne, Thistledown and Waverly. Add your peppers to Italian sausages for an quick dinner this week. Then there are zesty herb mixes from Forrest Green Farm and prepared soups from Truly Scrumptious. T'Scrump NOW has prepared Pimento Cheese! Just click on SHOP and enter peppers into the Search term box under the little cart. Welcome to our new customers in Mechanicsville this week!

Our Local Producers' extended harvest brings you FRESH!

Fresh GINGER from Manakintowne
New GREEN BEANS from Dragonfly and Mickey&Ann's and included in Thistledown's Box
New crop of YELLOW SQUASH from Mickey&Ann's, Deer Run, and Waverly Farms
Beautiful PATTY PAN, BUTTERNUT, ACORN and SPAGHETTI Squash from Thistledowne
Back with their 14-CAROT, carrot cake JAM, Hobby Hill Farm FRESH is here with their TOFFEE and GRANOLA too!

Fall rustled in yesterday!

Several new Pesto flavors from MANAKINTOWNE
Pickled Peppers from WAVERLY
Applesauce from DRAGONFLY
All new Teas and Spices from FORREST GREEN

Forrest Green Farm plants for YOU!

If you'd just like to try a few veggies in your flower beds or give your Fall garden a boost, FORREST GREEN FARM grows hundreds of plants that are healthy and ready for your garden. They are adding extra plants this month as they are ready to go. If you would like extra advice on your gardening, visit them at Monticello's Heritage Harvest Festival this weekend or go to visit their farm at Zion Crossroads just off I-64. Visit the website at
Their beautiful, sustainable farm will renew your energy!