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Stocking up for winter!

The Center for Rural Culture's Local Roots Food Co-op is designed to connect family owned and operated farms and businesses with customers in search of local food year round. It's your online Farmers' Market!

The program works on a weekly buying cycle with orders opening Friday at NOON and closing Monday MIDNIGHT. Pick up is on Thursday afternoon, at one of our locations in Ashland, Brookview Farm, Goochland Courthouse, Farmville, Mechanicsville, Midlothian and Powhatan -all near where you work or live.
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Broadfork Farm bakes fresh bread for you!

BROADFORK FARM is baking bread in their wood fired oven all warm and soft on the inside and crusty on the outside just right for dunking in your soup! This week there's Organic Seed Loaf, Organic Sunny Greens, my personal fav, and cinnamon raisin. All loves are 1.5 pounds, made with organic flour and wild yeasts. Their bread is baked on Thursday morning and it's still warm when we deliver!

Our Producers pick a peck of peppers for you!

There's hot pepper sauce from Wild Earth Farms and Manakintowne and pickled peppers perserved in jars from Waverly. There are "hot as blue blazes" and "sweet, mild" peppers from Broadfork, Deer Run and Dragonfly, including the seasonal boxes from Manakintowne, Thistledown and Waverly. Add your peppers to Italian sausages for an quick dinner this week. Then there are zesty herb mixes from Forrest Green Farm and prepared soups from Truly Scrumptious. T'Scrump NOW has prepared Pimento Cheese! Just click on SHOP and enter peppers into the Search term box under the little cart. Welcome to our new customers in Mechanicsville this week!

Our Local Producers' extended harvest brings you FRESH!

Fresh GINGER from Manakintowne
New GREEN BEANS from Dragonfly and Mickey&Ann's and included in Thistledown's Box
New crop of YELLOW SQUASH from Mickey&Ann's, Deer Run, and Waverly Farms
Beautiful PATTY PAN, BUTTERNUT, ACORN and SPAGHETTI Squash from Thistledowne
Back with their 14-CAROT, carrot cake JAM, Hobby Hill Farm FRESH is here with their TOFFEE and GRANOLA too!

Fall rustled in yesterday!

Several new Pesto flavors from MANAKINTOWNE
Pickled Peppers from WAVERLY
Applesauce from DRAGONFLY
All new Teas and Spices from FORREST GREEN

Forrest Green Farm plants for YOU!

If you'd just like to try a few veggies in your flower beds or give your Fall garden a boost, FORREST GREEN FARM grows hundreds of plants that are healthy and ready for your garden. They are adding extra plants this month as they are ready to go. If you would like extra advice on your gardening, visit them at Monticello's Heritage Harvest Festival this weekend or go to visit their farm at Zion Crossroads just off I-64. Visit the website at http://www.forrestgreenfarm.com/
Their beautiful, sustainable farm will renew your energy!

Meet our two new Producers!

Wild Earth Farms makes delicious, probiotic ferments in the Richmond area. We procure from local farms to bring you the highest quality product our region has to offer.
Grant and Bri's taste for fermented foods began after given a Scoby and then tasting some really good Kimchi in college. They were also inspired by the farmers market in Harrisonburg and the work of farmers in the Shenandoah Valley. They have spent the years since experimenting with Sauerkrauts and other Vegetable Medleys, Kombucha, and most recently Mead. After traveling around the country by bicycle visiting farms and making further connection between the health and environmental benefits of these foods, they found that extending the season and promoting gut health with fermentation are very important to them. They enjoy introducing more people to and supplying their community with nourishing, full flavored ferments.
They hope you enjoy their Kraut in topping off any dish or just eating it straight out of the jar!

We at Great Harvest believe in providing customers with awesome tasting products. Our freshly milled whole grain wheat flour assures that we’re delivering nutritional value in a product that tastes good.
We mill our whole wheat flour fresh daily on stone or hammer mills. Whole wheat kernels are poured into one end of the mill and come out the other end as 100% whole wheat flour. There is absolutely no separation of flour components; nothing added or taken out - just pure fresh flour from the whole grain.
So we invite you to come do what tastes good -- and have the added benefit of whole fresh food nutrition!

Dragonfly Farm harvests their EDAMAME!

Year after year the fields we tend have taken deep into their living soils seeds for a new season and a new generation of life, growth, and decay. And for more time than can be measured, before we began to farm here, the soils have harbored the changing faces of vegetation dancing from old growth forests to meadows to fields cultivated for a harvest of human fare.Back in the chilly months of January, Doug received a letter from a Professor of Agriculture at Virginia State University, Labon Rutto, who explained he was doing statistical research on how well purchased a locally grown, non-GMO, pesticide-free crop of edamame would be by folks in Virginia. Labon asked if Doug would like to participate by growing and selling edamame, and he said yes!This seemed relevant because Soybeans and soy products are so often shipped to North America from the other side of the planet. And why, we wonder, when they grow so lushly right here in the soil beneath our feet. In fact, to see how other folks are preparing their soybeans for sale we went to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Food Lion. When we found their edamame selection we saw beans that were grown in Vietnam, Thailand, and China respectively. With the overwhelming number of soy-based foods Americans have become dependent upon and a global economy that filters money to a privileged few while labor is demanded of people overseas in unsafe conditions who have little choice as to what they'll do with their lives, the time is now to begin cultivating pesticide-free, non-GMO soybeans right here in our own backyards.That's exactly what we're doing. June 1st, 2016 we hand sowed a half acre of edamame with inoculate on each seed (it was a lot of fun to learn how to cast them in the rows Doug had made with his old tractor). Before we knew it soybean stalks were growing 3 inches tall! Then 6! Then 12! Then 2 feet! Then 3 feet! With pods galore and everywhere, we knew by August 2nd when we walked through the field, the Summer harvest was upon us again!
If you have any recipes you recommend, let us know because we're eager to try preparing them in new ways. May you never hunger and may the soy be with you. :)
Alexander, Judy, Suzanne and Doug
@Dragonfly Organic Farm on Facebook

Important News about OLD CHURCH CREAMERY

We wanted to bring you up-to-date on the following changes happening with Old Church Creamery. We are moving our entire operation! In a nutshell, our Creamery will be temporarily closing effective Aug 19, 2016. Some of our Jersey cows have already been moved to a farm in the Shenandoah Valley near Harrisonburg. We are partnering with a Mennonite farmer who will milk and care for our Jersey herd. Our white and chocolate milk products (from our dairy cows) will be bottled at a creamery in the Shenandoah Valley starting October 1. We will resume our yogurt and kefir production in the Richmond area by the first of the year. Please place final orders by Monday, Aug 15th, at midnight.

More heat=less time in the kitchen!

Manakintowne's summer chef is working in their kitchen to keep you out of yours! The VEGETABLE LASAGNA comes frozen. Let it thaw in your fridge overnight, cut it into servings and pop it into your microwave. Toss a salad and dinner is ready in 15 minutes!
Growing Pastures has all their LEG/THIGH Combo on sale. There's nothing easier than chicken pieces on the grill and dark meat stays the juiciest. Visit Kingsford for tips. Buy their chicken now, freeze for later or how about BBQ chicken in the crock pot?
Many of you, I know I do, depend on Truly Scrumptious for that quick dinner entree. Order your chicken salad early, before Mela sells out!
Today I'm making quick fridge pickles. Just toss sliced cucumbers and onions with vinegar, chill and enjoy anytime!

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

No need to heat the kitchen up on these hot days. Let our Producers make your meals! Toss a simple salad from Broadfork, Manakintowne or Rain or Shine. Get the grill going with kabobs full of veggies and beef or chicken from Brookview, Micky and Ann's and Growing Pastures. Marinate with some seasoning mixes from Forrest Green. Just heat and eat the entrees from Truly Scrumptious. Our favorite lunch is a big beefsteak tomato partially cut open to hold a big scoop of chicken salad. Breakfast is cool with granola from Misty Morning or Micky&Ann's and a splash of Old Church Creamery's milk. Shhhh..... My secret midnight snack is PB granola with chocolate milk.
Check out new prepared food fresh from the kitchen of Manakintowne. Their summer chef, Danielle Goodreau, is busy making salads, pickles and pesto this week. Stock your shelves and freezer with the Best of Farm Kitchen collection.
Keep cool and carry on.