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Stocking up for winter!

The Center for Rural Culture's Local Roots Food Co-op is designed to connect family owned and operated farms and businesses with customers in search of local food year round. It's your online Farmers' Market!

The program works on a weekly buying cycle with orders opening Friday at NOON and closing Monday MIDNIGHT. Pick up is on Thursday afternoon, at one of our locations in Ashland, Brookview Farm, Goochland Courthouse, Farmville, Mechanicsville, Midlothian and Powhatan -all near where you work or live.
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Dragonfly Farm harvests their EDAMAME!

Year after year the fields we tend have taken deep into their living soils seeds for a new season and a new generation of life, growth, and decay. And for more time than can be measured, before we began to farm here, the soils have harbored the changing faces of vegetation dancing from old growth forests to meadows to fields cultivated for a harvest of human fare.Back in the chilly months of January, Doug received a letter from a Professor of Agriculture at Virginia State University, Labon Rutto, who explained he was doing statistical research on how well purchased a locally grown, non-GMO, pesticide-free crop of edamame would be by folks in Virginia. Labon asked if Doug would like to participate by growing and selling edamame, and he said yes!This seemed relevant because Soybeans and soy products are so often shipped to North America from the other side of the planet. And why, we wonder, when they grow so lushly right here in the soil beneath our feet. In fact, to see how other folks are preparing their soybeans for sale we went to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Food Lion. When we found their edamame selection we saw beans that were grown in Vietnam, Thailand, and China respectively. With the overwhelming number of soy-based foods Americans have become dependent upon and a global economy that filters money to a privileged few while labor is demanded of people overseas in unsafe conditions who have little choice as to what they'll do with their lives, the time is now to begin cultivating pesticide-free, non-GMO soybeans right here in our own backyards.That's exactly what we're doing. June 1st, 2016 we hand sowed a half acre of edamame with inoculate on each seed (it was a lot of fun to learn how to cast them in the rows Doug had made with his old tractor). Before we knew it soybean stalks were growing 3 inches tall! Then 6! Then 12! Then 2 feet! Then 3 feet! With pods galore and everywhere, we knew by August 2nd when we walked through the field, the Summer harvest was upon us again!
If you have any recipes you recommend, let us know because we're eager to try preparing them in new ways. May you never hunger and may the soy be with you. :)
Alexander, Judy, Suzanne and Doug
@Dragonfly Organic Farm on Facebook

Important News about OLD CHURCH CREAMERY

We wanted to bring you up-to-date on the following changes happening with Old Church Creamery. We are moving our entire operation! In a nutshell, our Creamery will be temporarily closing effective Aug 19, 2016. Some of our Jersey cows have already been moved to a farm in the Shenandoah Valley near Harrisonburg. We are partnering with a Mennonite farmer who will milk and care for our Jersey herd. Our white and chocolate milk products (from our dairy cows) will be bottled at a creamery in the Shenandoah Valley starting October 1. We will resume our yogurt and kefir production in the Richmond area by the first of the year. Please place final orders by Monday, Aug 15th, at midnight.

More heat=less time in the kitchen!

Manakintowne's summer chef is working in their kitchen to keep you out of yours! The VEGETABLE LASAGNA comes frozen. Let it thaw in your fridge overnight, cut it into servings and pop it into your microwave. Toss a salad and dinner is ready in 15 minutes!
Growing Pastures has all their LEG/THIGH Combo on sale. There's nothing easier than chicken pieces on the grill and dark meat stays the juiciest. Visit Kingsford for tips. Buy their chicken now, freeze for later or how about BBQ chicken in the crock pot?
Many of you, I know I do, depend on Truly Scrumptious for that quick dinner entree. Order your chicken salad early, before Mela sells out!
Today I'm making quick fridge pickles. Just toss sliced cucumbers and onions with vinegar, chill and enjoy anytime!

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

No need to heat the kitchen up on these hot days. Let our Producers make your meals! Toss a simple salad from Broadfork, Manakintowne or Rain or Shine. Get the grill going with kabobs full of veggies and beef or chicken from Brookview, Micky and Ann's and Growing Pastures. Marinate with some seasoning mixes from Forrest Green. Just heat and eat the entrees from Truly Scrumptious. Our favorite lunch is a big beefsteak tomato partially cut open to hold a big scoop of chicken salad. Breakfast is cool with granola from Misty Morning or Micky&Ann's and a splash of Old Church Creamery's milk. Shhhh..... My secret midnight snack is PB granola with chocolate milk.
Check out new prepared food fresh from the kitchen of Manakintowne. Their summer chef, Danielle Goodreau, is busy making salads, pickles and pesto this week. Stock your shelves and freezer with the Best of Farm Kitchen collection.
Keep cool and carry on.

Pig Crafters is our new Producer, Jonathan Nadolski raises the happiest pigs in Goochland!

Since closing the beloved Goochland County butcher shop, we've been busy bringing our farm raised pork to area restaurants, butcher shops and now Local Roots. We farrow pigs with a Duroc and Berkshire sow that are covered by a Berkshire boar. We also have access to feeder pigs on a regular basis that will be in the six to eight week range. All pigs, and hogs have access to pasture that we plant that consists of field peas, turnips, beets, and mustard greens Timothy grass and barley and are rotated frequently in order to prevent erosion and keeps the pasture reproducing. The pigs are fed an enormous amount of cut grass and clover as well during the morning hours. As the day progresses we will feed the hogs a ration of barley from Lickinghole Brewery mixed with whiskey/bourbon mash from Reservoir Distillery in Scott's Addition. These hogs are dubbed "Reservoir Hogs." Our farm also will produce hogs throughout the year depending upon seasonal items such as chestnuts from two 75 year old trees, (September, October) Apple pomace from a local cidery, (November) and acorns from the farm as well.
Take an up to date look at what Nadolski is up to on his webpage, http://www.nadolskisbutchershop.com/ and the facebook pages, PigCraftersInc and Goochland Gastronome Society. Jonathan continues to bring world class dinners to Goochland. Enjoy the finest dining under the stars, with local beers and wines by an accomplished chef, our own Jonathan Nadolski!

Don't even think about turning the oven on!

No need to turn the oven on with good, whole food already prepared by our producers. This week we'll have breakfast popped in the microwave with a sausage quiche from 4&20, all ingredients coming from our own Producers. Spoon some yogurt over some fruit from Agriberry and sprinkle on a little granola from Misty Morning or Micky & Ann's. Then for lunch cut some carrots from Waverly, spoon on a big helping of chicken salad from Truly Scrumptious onto a plate of lettuce from Rain or Shine, Manakintowne or Broadfork. It's always washed and ready to go. With a side of kimchi or kraut from Farmstead Ferments this is a lunch fit for a queen! Now for dinner, there's several entrees from Truly Scrumptious, lasagna and stir fry with soup on the side. toss a simple salad and dinner is ready in 15 minutes. Don't forget dessert! Lemon cookies from Zen are just right. Have a great week, everyone.

No bugs or boo-boos this summer!

We couldn't enjoy the garden or grill without our insect repellent from Honey's Homemade Stuff. It's all organic ingredients is safe for babies and effective enough for the biggest bugs. Peacemeal's Boo-Boo balm gets fast first-aid for all the bumps and scratches. The three-day deodorant from Misty Morning Sunrise Farm makes for a pleasant evening for all the farm workers out there. For grow your own anti-inflammatory and pain relief try the Meadowsweet plant from Forrest Green Farm or enjoy their delicious Red Shiso Tea, slightly sweetened with stevia for an afternoon refresher. Summertime just got better!

ELIM SPRINGS FARM is our featured Producer this week

ELIM SPRINGS FARM, in Amelia County provides you with the pure, clean and tasty meat and eggs. This week they've added whole roasting chickens, assorted beef cuts in time for the grill and pork just in time for your first BLTs. Their bacon is simply the best. Rich adds just enough sage in the sausage and brown sugar to the bacon for your breakfast sides, and makes sure if you want to add your own seasonings, there is fresh uncured, too.
See photos on their Facebook page for a tour through the farm and the beautiful web page at Elimspringsfarm.com to see the dairy operation. Take your family out for a tour this summer. Kristy and Rich love to show you what they love to do!

Pounds of Plenty

Share our fresh Summer Bounty with Pounds of Plenty. This program has been an essential part of our non-profit organization, the Center for Rural Culture.
If you order an item, you support the people in need in our local communities, our Producer's abundance and you can receive a tax deduction. We are pleased to offer this program again on our new site. Order here from the Producers listed and your product will be delivered to a local Food Bank. If you are an Ashland or Mechanicsville Customer, your product will be delivered to Ashland Christian Emergency Services; if you are a Brookview or Goochland customer, your product will be delivered to a Goochland Food Bank; if you are a Midlothian or Powhatan Customer, your product will go to Powhatan Food Bank, Cumberland and Farmville Customers orders will go to Cumberland Feedmore and Farmville FACES Food Bank. Please save your CUSTOMER LIST as the receipt for your tax-deductible purchase. It will list Pounds of Plenty as the Producer and has the price listed in the product description. Thank you for your kind donation!

Broadfork Farm brings your their best!

Better than Organic, you ask? YES.
The CNG Standards and growing requirements are based on the USDA National Organic Program rules. They are no less strict- in fact CNG farmers are constantly improving their soil and striving to increase the sustainability of their farming operations. The primary difference between CNG and the USDA Organic program is cost to farmers and paperwork requirements.
That's why small farms can bring you the best organically principled produce at a lower cost to you.
Broadfork Farm grows Certified Naturally Grown produce in Chesterfield County. Our mission is to grow food for our community that is helpful medicine - increasing the health of the eaters as well as the soil and environment around our farm.
Janet is sharing with you their organic fertilizer, HARMONY, Made with 100% all natural composted poultry layer manure. All-purpose for organic vegetables, fruits, lawn, and
landscape. Slow release for steady, long-lasting color and growth.
5-4-3 w/ 9% Calcium. Certified Organic fertilizer, which we use in production on our vegetable farm. Also their soil amendment is available-this naturally mined, volcanic mineral has over 66 minerals & trace elements that are important for plant nutrition and growth. Improves depleted soils. Apply with compost, humus, manures, or other organic fertilizers to provide additional levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium. Will not burn plants. We add this mineral blend to the soil on our farm in order to grow healthy & nutritious plants. Distributed by Seven Springs Organic Farm & Garden Supply. Application instructions included.